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HoW to prevent your roller shutter doors from freezing

With the current drop in temperature, we are seeing more and more people having to deal with ice freezing their roller shutters. It is essential that the correct steps are taken and the right products are used when dealing with ice to ensure that your roller shutter doors do not get damaged, therefore we have produced the handy guide.

5 easy steps to prevent ice

1. Ensure your shutter is clean and well-maintained. If collecting in the shutter, dirt and debris can create a surface that is more prone to icing over. See a guide to clearing roller shutter tracks for more information on how to do this.

2. Applying a lithium or silicone based lubricant to the shutter mechanism can help prevent ice from forming – DO NOT use standard WD-40

  • Only use a lithium or silicone based lubricant.
  • Clean the area prior to application.
  • Only apply to the doors guide rails.
  • Use Sparingly

3. Insulation around the shutter can be a great way to not only prevent ice but also improve heat loss.

By maintaining warmer temperatures inside, you can keep your garage doors warmer during cold days. This will significantly reduce the risk of these entry points freezing to the ground and creating issues with motors and other elements of your garage door opening system.

4. Use a salt free de-icer on your shutter before ice forms will help to prevent issues with ice on your shutter.

Salt Free De-Icer

Spray or pour De-icer evenly onto the dry surface before any rain or snow begins to fall.

5. Clear all the snow away from your Roller Shutter as soon as possible after it lays. By removing snow and ice, you will prevent it from refreezing in place and creating a problem that will require more effort to resolve.

Shutters already frozen? try these....

Firstly, try to remove as much of the ice from the shutter as possible using a scraper or ice pick. When using any tool be careful not to damage the shutter.

You can also use boiling water for a quick result. Poor the boiling water along the length of the door and quickly open the shutter before the water has time to refreeze – be careful, as the water can cause a slipping hazard on the floor.

Heat it up – make sure the room is well heated and use a heat gun or hair dryer to melt the ice on the door.

Finally use a salt free de-icer to try clear away any ice on the shutter.

Once the ice has been removed your door should open efficiently.

If you are having issues with a roller shutter that is being affected by ice or would like to speak to us about door maintenance or repair, please contact our team.

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