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Roller Shutter Common Faults

Not opening and closing properly

Noisy when in use

Stuck open / closed

Not sealing properly

Most shutter door faults occur when the doors themselves are not kept in a good working order and are not regularly maintained. We have listed some of the most common faults and what may cause these issues below.

Shutter doors not opening and closing properly

This can be caused by a variety of issues such as damaged tracks, a broken motor or fault sensors. If the tracks of the doors are bent, damaged, or misaligned the door of the shutter will not be able to open or close properly. If this is the case, you may need to have the tracks repaired or replaced before the door will be back in good working order.

If the tracks are undamaged, clear, and well lubricated but the door is still not opening or closing it may be due to a broken motor or faulty sensors. For example, if the sensors cannot detect if the door is obstructed or not, they will not be able to function properly.

Shutter is stuck

This is generally caused by an accumulation of debris such as dirt and leaves which will block the track and can in turn cause damage to the track. To reduce the risk of this regularly cleaning and lubrication is necessary. If the tracks or our shutter door are bent, damaged, or misaligned they may need to be replaced.

A broken motor or faulty sensor could also cause the roller shutter door to become stuck, if you think this is the case an engineer’s visit may be required to either fix the motor/sensor or have them replaced.

If your tracks are clear but your door is still stuck, please contact us to arrange an engineer’s visit.

If your roller shutter door is stuck open and is causing a security issue, please contact our emergency team to arrange a call out.

Door is noisy when in use

A noisy door can be caused by worn out bearings or lack of lubrication on the tracks themselves. A build-up of debris such as dirt or leaves can accumulate in the tracks causing the door to make a noise as it moves, this builds up can cause the tracks to become misaligned or damaged. In addition to issues with the tracks, a damaged or worn-out door can also cause the shutter to create a lot of noise as it is being used. 

It is important to regularly clean the tracks and use a silicone-based lubricant to keep them running smoothly. If you have checked the tracks are clear and lubricated but the roller shutter door is still making a lot of noise or an unusual noise it is recommended to have it checked by a professional.

Door is not properly sealed

There are several reasons why your roller shutter door may not be sealing properly such as worn-out weather stripping, misaligned doors, damage to the door, obstructions, and incorrect installation.

If you are having issues with your door not sealing properly, we would recommend an inspection where one of our engineers can isolate and address any potential problems.

How we can help...

If you have having any of these issues with your roller shutter doors a great place to start is to remove and debris from the tracks.
For more information on how to do this see a guide to clearing roller shutter tracks for more information.

If you have a shutter door that is faulty and is causing a security issue, please contact our expert team to arrange a call out across the UK. We are proficient in a comprehensive range of roller shutter repairs, ensuring prompt and efficient service to restore your peace of mind and property’s safety.

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