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Common Roller Shutter faults ( and how to fix them )

My Roller Shutter door isn't working.

Without regular maintenance, your roller shutter doors may go awry; it happens. But before you call our emergency Copperjax Repair team to the site, check for the 6 most common roller shutter problems and fixes below. 

If you require a professional to take a look, call the Copperjax team for speedy round-the-clock repair services. Or opt for regular maintenance to make sure your roller shutter doors last a lifetime…


6 most common Roller Shutter faults & fixes:

1. Power Problems

Your doors won’t open or close or… anything?

We know it may sound slightly obvious, but if your roller shutter doors are electrical, checking the power supply is always step No 1. Make sure the source of the power for your doors is switched on. Give it a switch off and on, then try to operate the doors.

If nothing is happening still, at least you can rule out power being a problem.

2. Motor Temperature

Has your door been used a lot recently?

It is possible that your motor has overheated, and the door might refuse to do any more work until it’s had a cool off. Overheating is usually a temporary problem, so give it some time to cool down and try operating your shutters again.


3. Emergency Release Chain

Every shutter door will have an emergency release chain, whether it’s electric or manual.

Try giving it a tug to see if the shutter doors jerk into place. If the doors aren’t responsive, you may require professional assistance.

Call the team at Copperjax for round-the-clock emergency shutter repairs across the UK.

4. Dirt and Debris

Is your door operating but not fully?

You may be a victim of some dirt in the tracks. Dirt and debris in the tracks can cause blockages in the operation, causing your doors to stop or jolt. Turn the power source off fully, then carry out an inspection of your roller shutter door tracks.

Can’t find anything suspicious? You may have some external damage…

5. Door Condition

Roller shutter doors are often found in industrial areas with large moving parts and vehicles; they are no stranger to some damage.

Even a small dent could mean that your roller shutters stop working. Give your doors a look-over to identify areas of damage. Small dents can be knocked out, but larger dents may require an emergency call out.

6. Door Codes

Has your door got a door code? If it hasn’t and you have looked at every other potential problem, call for an emergency repair.

If your door has a door code, it may be that you are not entering it correctly. Try again with the correct code; if nothing comes of this, call emergency repair services. Copperjax is always on hand 24/7 for your roller shutter needs and are located across the UK. The team have years of expertise and experience in all things roller shutter doors, and will sort any problem thrown at them, big or small.

Prevent future emergency repairs

Roller shutters can stop working at the worst possible times. But you can make your doors last a lifetime… 

Our maintenance contracts provide the customer with peace of mind that their roller shutter door is running smoothly. We carry out a full check ensuring everything is in working order and finding any small faults before they become big issues and disrupt your business. For a small fee, you can have 1 less thing to worry about and can focus on your business without any issues from your door.

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