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Electric Roller Shutter Refresh in Sevenoaks

Client: Zim 8

Site: Sevenoaks

Zim 8 door refresh

Modernising Security with a Tubular Operation Roller Shutter Door

 Zim 8 wanted to upgrade the security and functionality of their business premises, so they called us  to check it out.

The old manual shutter, while having served its purpose for many years, was now a hindrance to the daily operations due to its manual mechanism and wear from years of use. Zim 8 were looking for a more efficient, secure, and aesthetically pleasing option that could withstand the test of time and daily use.

After consideration for their needs, we proposed the installation of a new 240v tubular operation roller shutter door. This choice was driven by its ease of use, enhanced security features, and durability. Finished in galvanised steel, the new shutter offered a sleek, modern appearance while providing super protection against potential break-ins and the elements.

The removal of the old manual hand chain roller shutter door was carried out according to guidelines and swiftly to ensure a seamless transition. The CopperJax team dismantled the existing manual shutter, carefully preserving the integrity of the surrounding areas. The installation of the new tubular operation roller shutter was then executed. The advanced tubular motor system allowed for smooth, effortless operation with the simple push of a button, eliminating the physical strain associated with the old manual system.

Zim 8 were highly impressed with the transformation. The new roller shutter not only enhanced the security of the premises but also significantly improved operational efficiency. The galvanised steel finish provided a clean, professional look that complemented the storefront’s appearance. This upgrade demonstrated our commitment to providing state-of-the-art security solutions tailored to our clients’ evolving needs. By modernising their security infrastructure, we helped Zim 8 achieve greater peace of mind and a more streamlined business operation.

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