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Fire Curtain Installation

Client: Go Outdoors

Site: Coventry

Project Overview

The Go Outdoors site in Coventry spans across a large open floor space and so the best solution for fire safety was a fire curtain, dividing the open plan space into 2 and therefore restricting the movement of flames should a fire break out. The curtain installed measures 23m wide and 3.5m high and as with many retail sites a requirement for this job was to ensure the fire curtain is hidden from view until required and so the installation included a headbox.

Fire Curtains vs Smoke Curtains

Fire curtains and smoke curtains have a variety of difference but it is essential that the correct curtains are used for specific purposes. Whilst fire curtains are designed to limit the spread of fire and smoke between different zones, smoke curtains restrict the flow of smoke leaving fire escapes safe.

Fire curtains are fitted from floor to ceiling where as smoke curtains go from head height to the ceiling so as not to impose on emergency pathways.

More information on fire and smoke curtains can be found on our blog.

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