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High Speed Door upgrade for aldi

Client:  Aldi Stores UK Ltd

Site: UK


Aldi felt the need for speed.

Aldi once again needed Copperjax’s help, but this time with an internal shop door, separating the shop floor from their icy cold warehouse. Aldi already had a door in place, but they needed something updated and more efficient. We know that temperature control is vital, especially within the food industry. Not only does Aldi have to manage the temperatures of their food stock, but be able to access it quickly without heat loss. So we reckoned they needed one of our high speed doors, and Aldi agreed.

Initial Assessment

Aldi’s existing door was looking a bit rough round the edges. You can see the door inefficiently wrapping round the motor, making it slow and disjointed; it was clear how easily the heat could escape the warehouse. The team at Copperjax were excited for the new transformation.

Installation Time

Once our initial assessment was complet, we created a high speed door customised for Aldi, designed and manufactured at our warehouse. Once finished, the door was transported to Aldi to be installed. Our skilled team at Copperjax carried out the installation, pictured on the right. You can see the inner workings of the new state-of-the-art high speed door, featuring a bigger motor with much more power, and high-tech control panel. Lookin’ good.

The Finished Door

After some meticulous testing, the door was in working-order, and super fast. Aldi were once again delighted with the services of Copperjax, as installation was quick and so was their new door. Minimising disruptions to the shop floor with their extensive knowledge and expertise, Copperjax delivered exceptional quality of installation. We are sure we will be back soon for some more door-action at Aldi.

A look at the front...

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