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folding shutter door installation london

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folding shutter doors

Copper Jax successfully completed this challenging project involving the installation of two large folding shutter doors in London over the bank holiday weekend. Our dedicated team successfully navigated obstacles such as the doors’ immense size and the busy delivery schedule to ensure the sire were not effected by the work. 

The site identified the need for large folding shutter doors to facilitate smooth movement of equipment and streamline logistics within the premises. Adding to their on going effort to improve operational efficiency and enhance on site security measures

The Challenges

The sheer size of the doors installed in this project presented a significant challenge to the team who had to ensure precise measurements, alignment and stability whilst working on the doors. The first of the two doors measured 14m wide by 4.4m high with the second almost double the size at 24m wide by 4.4m high.

Operating within a busy environment demanded meticulous planning to ensure we did not disrupt the daily schedule ensuring minimal disruption to regular operations. The work being scheduled for completion over the bank holiday weekend required efficient coordination and teamwork to meet the tight deadlines. 

Our professional team of engineers approached the installation of the folding shutter doors with expertise and dedication, executing the plan perfectly whilst on site. From the pre-installation assessment to installation, quality assurance and successful completion. 
Now that the new shutter doors have been installed the site can benefit from enhanced logistics, increased security and improved aesthetics. These doors facilitate seamless movement with a robust construction and sleek design.
Overall the successful competition of this installation project exemplifies the team’s commitment to delivering high quality solution under a mix of challenging circumstances. Overcoming the obstacles related to size, logistics and time constraints, the team has demonstrated their expertise and professionalism resulting in improved functionality. 

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