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Insulated Sectional Door Replacement in Kent

Site: St Johns Court – Ashford

These doors have seen better days...

This cool upgrade began with CopperJax addressing the aging infrastructure of the client’s premises. The existing sectional overhead door and pedestrian door were not only outdated but also failing to meet the business’s operational and security needs. These doors had seen better days, showing signs of wear and tear that compromised their functionality and appearance.

CopperJax’s task was to strip out and remove the old, tired sectional overhead door. This involved careful dismantling to avoid any damage to the surrounding structure, ensuring a clean slate for the new installation. Similarly, the pedestrian door set was removed, clearing the way for a comprehensive upgrade.

New sectional door and steel door set

The centerpiece of the upgrade was the installation of a new 3-phase electric insulated sectional overhead door. This type of door is a game-changer for industrial settings. The 3-phase electric operation ensures smooth and reliable functionality, capable of handling frequent use with minimal maintenance. The insulation properties of the door are crucial in regulating temperature, reducing energy costs, and providing a more comfortable environment for employees.

In addition to the overhead door, CopperJax installed a new steel door set complete with an over panel and surrounding flashings. This robust door set enhances security, providing a strong barrier against unauthorised entry while ensuring ease of access for employees. The over panel and flashings not only add to the aesthetic appeal but also offer additional weather protection, preventing leaks and drafts.

The benefits beyond installation

The benefits of these upgrades extend far beyond their installation. The new sectional overhead door and steel door set significantly improve the operational efficiency of the business. Employees can now move goods in and out with greater ease and speed, thanks to the reliable performance of the 3-phase electric door. The improved insulation helps maintain a stable internal temperature, crucial for businesses that store temperature-sensitive products.

Security is another critical advantage. The steel door set provides robust protection, deterring potential break-ins and ensuring that the business remains secure after hours. The aesthetic improvements also cannot be overlooked; the sleek, modern appearance of the new doors reflects well on the business, presenting a professional image to clients and visitors.

CopperJax’s expertise in removing old infrastructure and installing state-of-the-art solutions has transformed this industrial estate business. The new door sets not only enhance operational efficiency and security but also contribute to a more professional and appealing business environment.

CopperJax continues to set the standard in industrial door solutions, ensuring that businesses can operate smoothly, securely, and efficiently.

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