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New Manual Pull Down Roller Shutter for CEF Lyncx

Client: CEF Lyncx

Site: Brixton London

Pull Down shutter doors

CEF Lyncx, a Brixton-based community led Charity that provides a diverse range of community educational and capacity building services, experienced ongoing challenges with their existing wooden door. The door was heavy, cumbersome to operate, and prone to damage from weather and wear. Its outdated design not only compromised security but also negatively impacted the look of the Kitchenette.


The Goals

Upon assessing the client’s needs, it was evident that a modern solution was necessary. The goals were:


  • Improve security and durability
  • Enhance ease of operation
  • Upgrade the appearance of the Kitchenette


We selected a durable push-up and pull-down manual metal shutter, designed for longevity and resilience against harsh weather conditions. Its manual operation mechanism was chosen for its simplicity and reliability, ensuring easy daily use.


The installation process was meticulously planned to minimise disruption to the client’s business. Our team efficiently removed the old wooden door and prepared the site for the new shutter. The installation was completed quickly and with precision, ensuring the business could continue operations with minimal downtime.

The successful installation of the new pull-down shutter by Copperjax has transformed the client’s property, addressing security, functionality, and aesthetic concerns. The client now enjoys a more secure, user-friendly, and attractive entryway, showcasing Copperjax’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

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