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Broken Sectional doors replaced in scotland

Client:  EVRI

Site: Colossus in Motherwell, scotland

Damaged and in Distress...

We were summoned to the site of the emergency in Motherwell, Scotland on a cold day in late January 2024 to find the cruel aftermath of a collision with a roller shutter door. 

With the expertise of the Copperjax team, the Sectional Door was bandaged up temporarily and replaced entirely within a month of the site assessment, allowing Evri to stay in-line with the Health and Safety Welfare regulations.

Let's See What The Damage Is...

Evri in Motherwell, Scotland, knew Copperjax were the team to call to assess the damage at a loading bay in their Colossus facility on 18/01/24. 

On arrival, our engineers were shocked to see that the door had encountered some pretty heavy impact damage on its lower half, causing it to flip over on itself entirely. Just another day on the busy industrial estate…

See For Yourself!

You can clearly tell that the bottom panel has been bent up into a right angle, damaging the brackets that join the panels together. With the hardware hanging on for dear life, something had to be done. 


A Quick Fix

…and of course we weren’t going to just leave it exposed to the Scottish elements.

Before leaving the site on the 18th January, our crafty team safely removed the panel set and refitted the opening. Now there wasn’t an open invitation for entry into the premises and the building was temporarily secured. 

We provided a quote the very next day for a full panel set replacement, which was approved on 07/02/24.

Out With The Old and In With The New!

Our team rocked up the following week and got to work, starting with the removal of the broken panel and making sure recyclable parts were taken care of.

We then supplied and installed the new full panel set including its hardware, ensuring that the roller shutter was back to top shape. Lastly, the door was tested meticulously to make sure that it didn’t just look great, but functioned flawlessly.

And since its quick completion on 16/02/24, the Scottish premises has remained safe and secure, ensuring smooth business operations and staying in-check with Health and Safety Welfare regulations.


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