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Dilapidation works

Client: Evri

Site: Southampton

Doors, Loading Bays, Operators and more...

When vacating a premises it is essential that all part of the building, including doors and loading bays, are handed back over to the landlord in a good working condition. Our friends at Evri were ensuring just that and following a site inspection requested the repair / replacement of 11, well-used, sectional door panel sets plus other works at their old facility in Southampton. The project required a team of technicians with specialised knowledge of sectional door repairs and a thorough understanding of the client’s specifications.

We conducted a safety assessment of the warehouse and identified the potential hazards associated with the repairs ensuring that when we worked on the site we could implement safety measures, such as signage, barriers and PPE where required.

The successful completion of this project is a testament to the expertise and professionalism of all technicians involved. The 11 sectional door repairs / replacements alongside other dilapidation works such as operators, dock shelters, door flashings and soffits ensures that the warehouse has the necessary protection and functionality in place for Evri to hand the site back over to the landlord.

11 Sectional Doors

With the clients brief in mind this project began with an assessment of the warehouse to confirm the works required across the site. The sectional doors had many components that needed to be checked before they could be repaired, including the motorised mechanisms, springs, hinges, and tracks.  Inspections were also carried out across the other dilapidation works on site to ensure we could go into the job with the best plan in place, ensuring efficiency and coherance amongst our engineers.

Once the team arrived site preparation was put into full swing, the team ensured that the area was level and free from any obstructions so that work could be carried out safely and efficiently. All 11 door sets were repaired or replaced and quality checked by our professional team before the waste was removed and the engineers left the site. 

The Complete Package

In addition to the works on the sectional doors for Evri in Southampton we were also asked to carry out dilapidation works across the site to ensure everything was left in a good working order. This included repairs and replacements for operators, dock shelters, door flashing and soffits.

All works were successfully completed within the agreed timeline and to the satisfaction of the Evri team, with all members of the Copper Jax team pleased with the quality of work and professionalism of the service provided. Before we left the site our engineers carried out tests to ensure that everything was functioning correctly.

We look forward to continuing our work with Evri across the UK proving installations, repairs and replacements to this face passed logistics company.

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