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Automated Doors

upgrade commercial and industrial doors with automation

Do you need to reduce heating costs?

Do you have a high footfall?

keep it moving

Powered opening systems and automated triggers can bring huge improvements to your team’s health and safety and the flow of vehicles through your business, and it can be provided on new installations or as an upgrade to current doors and shutters.

Upgrade or existing

Door automation is a popular upgrade to existing doors and new installations wherever the doors are opening and closing regularly. Too much time can be wasted with everyone waiting for the door to open, when it could be triggered by an automatic system or a simple push button powered mechanism.

Longer lasting

Almost all types of commercial and industrial doors can be fitted with powered systems, making life simpler for your team and also ensuring the door gets closed quickly when you want to keep the inside temperature stable. The smoother operation that comes from powered systems can also help lengthen the life of your door compared to manual installations.

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