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Industrial Folding Shutter Doors

Simple and adaptable folding shutter doors

Do you have a warehouse, garage or hanger entrance?

Do you need access for personnel and vehicles?

Do you need an insulated door?

Are you looking a high level of security?


Ideal for warehouse, garage or hanger entrances which need to open to vehicles as well as personnel, folding shutter doors offer fantastic durability and insulation with the adaptability for automated and powered opening options.

Versatile doors

Offering incredible practicality within the design itself, folding shutter doors that close to the sides of the opening can make room for vehicles when fully opened, or act as a personnel entrance with just one of the shutters opened up, helping to keep the temperature level inside.

Strong folding shutters

Manufactured in tough galvanised steel lattice bars and shutter leaves, these are some of the strongest standardised doors on the market besides solid steel security doors. Available in a wide range of colours and a smooth galvanised finish, folding shutter doors can also be automated by our team with a range of push button and remote control options for doors that are opened or closed regularly.

Every colour available

We’ll colour match your doors to anything you need, so you can have your doors match your building or your corporate ID

Is this the right door type for you?

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Exclusively designed and made by Copper Jax in the UK

Our doors are all made in the UK to the highest possible quality, and because we do it all here you’ll have none of the delivery issues, no problems in contacting us, and in the rare occurrence that you have a problem we can fix it…because we made it.

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