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Industrial High Speed Doors

High speed external loading doors for high traffic logistics centres

Do you have a busy environment where the doors is in contant use?

Do you need fast access for emergencies?

Does your opening mean standard systems take too long to open?

High Speed External Doors

Opening as quickly as 1 metre per second off of push button or remote control operators, these doors open up a vehicle bay almost instantly, and can help maintain a steady temperature in large spaces like warehouses, getting vehicles in and the door closed quickly. Each type of high speed door offers different benefits, with folding doors better for external use because they can better withstands high winds, and roller shutters best inside especially where you need a second layer of security.

High speed door Design

Flexible, Rapid roll up door, type FlexiRun® is a new door concept where the speed is controlled and automatically adjusted. Aesthetically pleasing, the main feature of the door is that even after being bumped and pushed off the side guides, it reinserts it-self in the vertical guides. It is a perfect solution for Food industries, Cold rooms and Storage, Pharmaceutical, Chemical industries, etc.

Available as roller shutter or folding door

Available in roller shutter and folding options, high speed doors are ideal for warehouses aiming to keep the outside weather and temperature outside, and large openings where standard systems just take too long to open.

When speed is essential

For busy environments like distribution centres where doors are opening and closing all day, or in the emergency services at fire, police and ambulance stations where speed of response is everything, and installation of high speed roller shutters or folding doors is an essential. 

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Colour matched to your doors

PVC doors come in a range of colours so we can match your security door colour

Guaranteed quality with all our high speed doors

All Copper Jax Sectional overhead doors meet the highest standards in the area of safety and durability.

They are tested in a wide range of applications and in changing weather conditions (temperature, wind and water), to ensure your door performs perfectly time and time again.

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isophonic core roller shutter doors
UV resistant roller shutter doors
scratch resistant roller shutter doors
u value roller shutter doors
corrosion resistant roller shutter doors
gfa roller shutter doors

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