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Insulated Roller Shutters

Insulated roller shutter doors to help maintain your warehouse temperature

Do you have temperature controlled environments?

Do you want to save on heating bills?

Do your staff need a certain temperature to work in?

Hot or cold

In temperature controlled environments, or anywhere you want to keep the outside temperature outside, thermally insulated roller shutters offer a practical solution which is superb value for money in warehouses across the UK

Keep the heat in or keep it out

Large spaces like warehouses and factory floors are impossible to heat and can get uncomfortably cold, especially with the loading doors opening and closing through the day, and in facilities where a refrigerated temperature is needed, you don’t want the cold escaping.

Well insulated doors are the solution and modern insulated roller shutter doors offer all the benefits of the standard version, with added thermal insulation that also helps to reduce noise leakage.

Thermal break industrial roller shutters offer a U value of 4.5 W/m2k and are fitted with front and back brush strips to the door edges, which all helps maintain your inside temperature and reduce heating or cooling bills.

Is this the right door type for you?

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