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PVC strip curtains are the simple way to control temperature and noise

Do people go through the space constantly?

Do you need to control temperature and noise?

Do you have different internal spaces that need separating?

Keeping your Commercial business running

Most often used internally in doorways which vehicles and people pass through constantly, PVC strip curtains help control temperature and drafts, section off different areas of warehouses and allow easy access whilst also letting in plenty of light.

Weather barrier

Typically used as an internal door covering, PVC strip curtains can also be combined with another commercial door such as a roller shutter, acting as a weather barrier whilst the door is open during working hours, with the shutter providing security overnight.

They are particularly useful in spaces like large grocery stores with a refrigerated storage area that staff access continuously to keep the shelves stacked; the PVC curtain helps keep the temperature controlled and means people aren’t opening and shutting doors all day.

Quick to install

Quickly installed and very simple to keep clean and maintain, PVC strip curtains help insulate for temperature and also reduce noise, and can keep things like birds and insects out of a warehouse when fixed to an external opening.

Combined with other external doors

The versatility of PVC strip curtains finds them in use in distribution centres, warehouses, refrigerated storage areas, industrial units, vehicle garages and retail stores, with our fitting services including;

Site survey, consultation and quotation
Professionally guaranteed installation and testing
Quickly fitted and easy to maintain
Ideal for temperature controlled high traffic environments
Can be installed in combination with other external doors

Is this the right door type for you?

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