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Commercial Roller Shutter Doors

commercial Roller shutter doors Exclusively designed and made by Copper Jax in the UK

Do you need a a high level of security?

Is your doorway extra wide or tall?

Do you need an insulated or fireproof door?

Are you looking for the best value for money?


commercial roller shutter doors

At CopperJax we manufacture all our commercial roller shutter doors in our Kent based office, this means that every door is manufactured to our standards and we know exactly what we are installing. We believe this is massively important to look for when getting new roller shutter doors installed as you know you can trust what is being installed. Not only can you trust the doors, but you also get a choice, we can manufacture and install commercial roller shutter doors to your specification and fit your building’s design.

Industrial roller shutter doors and barriers are some of the most versatile and popular installations in the market, offering superb value for money and a range of optional features including automation. 

Commercial roller shutter door

We install any size roller shutter door

Do you require a roller shutter door to cover a very large area? maybe just a small window? or anything in between? CopperJax have you covered, our specialist team can install roller shutters to fit the size you require, we manufacture the door .

Versatile and adaptable to fit almost any door or window opening, whilst still being strong and cost effective, roller shutter doors are one of the most popular commercial shutters and always have been.

A warmer door

Well insulated for when you need to maintain a consistent temperature inside your property, roller shutter doors also offer excellent security and reliability.

Maximum security doors

Hugely reliable, roller shutter doors provide impressive security with modern designs and galvanised steel construction; roller shutters can be finished in almost any colour, and when fitted professionally can easily incorporate problems like sloping floors or very wide openings.

Made to measure

As all our roller shutter doors are made here in the UK we are able to create something that solves your security issues no matter what they are, this example shows how we dealt with a pronounced and curving slope.

Guaranteed quality with all our commercial roller shutter doors

All Copper Jax roller shutter doors meet the highest standards in the area of safety and durability.

They are tested in a wide range of applications and in changing weather conditions (temperature, wind and water), to ensure your door performs perfectly time and time again.

kingspan ecosafe doorpanel
isophonic core roller shutter doors
UV resistant roller shutter doors
scratch resistant roller shutter doors
u value roller shutter doors
corrosion resistant roller shutter doors

A wide choice of curtains

Shutter curtains are construscted from either traditional steel laths, extruded aluminium, steel insulated laths or tube and link grilles. All curtains are securely held using an end lock to suit the curtain configuration which prevents lateral movement. Steel laths are available with perforations and steel and alimnium laths are available with punched slots, with an option for glazing. All Copper Jax shutter curtains are complete with a heavy dyte “ T” section or mill finished extruded aluminium bottom rail.

Every colour available

We’ll colour match your doors to anything you need, so you can have your doors match your building or your corporate ID

Is this the right door type for you?

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Design • manufacture • install

Exclusively designed and made by Copper Jax in the UK

Our doors are all made in the UK to the highest possible quality, and because we do it all here you’ll have none of the delivery issues, no problems in contacting us, and in the rare occurrence that you have a problem we can fix it…because we made it.

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