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Industrial Steel door Sets

Personnel steel doors are the ultimate in strength and security

Do you want clear sight lines?

Do you need a cost effective solution?

Do you have different internal spaces that need separating?


One of the most secure industrial doors you can buy, solid steel doors are perfect internally or externally for personnel doorways in secure areas, from important spaces like plant rooms, to the entire property if desired.

Reduces acoustic transfer by up to 45dB*

10 Year guarantee

Made to measure

CE marked to BS EN 14351-1

Few things are stronger than a steel door

When security is all that matters, few things are stronger than a solid steel door, professionally fitted to high security buildings, key areas of your property such as plant rooms, or where you need to combine security and fire resistance. Made from Zintec coated steel these doors will not warp, twist or rot, and are available to fit most openings up to 2600 x 2950mm.

Your perfect finish

Incredibly tough and long lasting, the installation can be finished with addition of side and over panels which are glazed, louvered or solid.

We supply and install our high quality steel doors at properties across the whole of the UK, so call us today to arrange your free and no obligation quotation!


bespoke steel doors
Polyester Powder Coated from Standard Colour Range 
non standard steel doors
Polyester Powder Coated from Non- Standard Colour Range
pvc steel doors
PVC Laminate from Standard Range
woodgrain steel doors
Woodgrain PVC Laminate
stainless steel doors
Stainless Steel Brushed, Polished or Patterned
louvre steel doors
matching steel doors
half height steel access door
red steel doors


Fire Resistant Steel Doors

We create a highly cost-effective single solution offering an aesthetic design, durable construction and fire protection
for up to 4 hours.

The doors, fitted in internal and external applications in a wide variety of wall constructions, are designed to protectpersonnel & property from the spread of flames & smoke. Our doors offer substantial benefits over comparable timber doors in strength, durability & security. The range has been tested to BS 476 Parts 20 & 22, BS EN 1634 and holds CERTIFIRE certification.

We offer three versions – each providing increased fire protection

(latched or unlatched)





(60 minutes)





(120 minutes)





(240 minutes)

All fire resistant doors are custom made. The maximum size varies according to fire rating as shown below for Mild Steel and 316 or 304 Stainless Steel.


forced entry Resistant Steel Doors

This is a high security doorset designed to offer an enhanced level of security for a wide range of premises, from domestic or light commercial premises through to those at high risk of attack by experienced intruders.

The doors are specially constructed to individual project requirements and each door has internal reinforcement designed to resist sustained attack from a wide range of tools.

We offer three versions – each providing increased security



3 minutes
of resistance to opportunist attempts at forced entry of protected premises using a range of mechanical tools including: screwdriver, levers, spanner, bolt cutters, claw hammer, drill, shears, etc




5 minutes

of resistance to determined attempts at forced entry of protected premises using a wide range of tools including: cordless tools, short axe, cold chisels, crow bar, brick bolsters, gas torch, etc.




10 minutes

of resistance to experienced attempts at forced entry using a wide range of tools including: high powered cordless tools, felling axe, sledgehammer, power drill, disc grinder, jigsaw, etc.

manual handling

While the TUFF-DOR2 leaves, weighing approx 100kg, can be manually handled with a minimium of 4 operatives on site, all other doorsin the range require mechanical means to distribute and install.


The opening must be fully formed from a material with sufficient composition strength to withstand a minimum load/fixing of 7N/nm2 (such as conrcrete or brick). Aerated concrete is NOT RECOMMENDED and hollow brick / block should only be considered if suitably backfilled with materials that will provide adequate strength (7N/nm2 ) to take the frame fixings

Is this the right door type for you?

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