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Perforated Shutter Installation

Client: Haven

Site: Allhallows

New and Improved

As part of the recent investment at one of the UKs leading holiday park sites in Rochester we were asked to fit new shutters to their newly built bar and stage area. The Marina Bar and Stage, their latest addition, offers a cutting-edge venue and increases the site’s capacity for guests to enjoy a wide range of entertainment options. 

Haven chose to have perforated shutters installed in their bar area due to their numerous advantages. Unlike solid steel laths, the perforated style maintains security when the bar is closed while allowing potential customers to peer through the shutters, showcasing the bar’s offerings even when it’s not open.


Perforated doors provide the same level of security as the solid style, so there’s no compromise on safety. Updates were also implemented in other areas of the site, including the installation of new shutters for their Wondershop. Similarly to the bar area, perforated shutters were used on the shop front to enable visitors to see inside the shop.

Choosing this style shutter allows customers to view the merchandise even when the shop was closed for business. Initially, Haven had considered using a grille-style shutter for their shop front, but after receiving expert advice from our team, they opted for the perforated style. One reason for this choice was related to safety concerns. Given the presence of many children on site, there was an increased risk of injury if they attempted to reach items inside the shop through the grilles.

The team at Haven were delighted with the final installation of the perforated shutters in both the bar and shop areas and spoke very highly of our team’s expertise. If your company is in need of new shutters, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a top-notch solution.

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