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shutter door Replacement for Clubb Sand & Gravel

Client: Clubb Sand & Gravel 

Site: Kent

The proposition.

Clubb Sand & Gravel got in touch with Copperjax on our emergency call-out number due to an incident with their roller shutter door. 

After a large vehicle collision with the door, no one was injured, but the door was bruised and unusable, and the whole warehouse was exposed to the elements…

It was in Copperjax’s hands to replace the roller shutter door, and fast. 

Site survey

When the Copperjax team promptly arrived at the scene, Clubb Sand & Gravel’s door entryway was looking a bit… misshapen.

It was clear that the vehicular collision had damaged the right side, causing the shutter door to stop opening and closing fully.

Safe install

After taking out the original impacted door and disposing of it safetly, Copperjax got to work.

Pictured here is the new 3 phase direct drive motor and the safety chain, perfect for this busy industrial-based business.

The galvanised roller shutter door was installed and fully tested, before leaving Clubb Sand & Gravel with their shiny new entryway.

The new door

No longer damaged and exposed to the elements, the warehouse could continue to operate. Copperjax attended the site and left with no disturbances to the business operations, so Clubb Sand & Gravel could retain their business flow.

Equipped with a brand new 3 phase direct drive motor and a safety chain, the company was left in good, safe hands. 

Another quick and simple upgrade for a brilliant company.

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