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Replacement Steel door in Solihull

Client: Homesense

Site: Solihull

Security for Homesense

Home security is a critical concern for any business, and HomeSense is no exception.

Recently, the home goods retailer took a significant step to bolster its security measures by partnering with CopperJax, a leading provider of premium doors and security solutions. The result was a transformative upgrade that not only enhanced security but also improved the aesthetic appeal of the store.


Enter CopperJax...

Enter CopperJax, a company renowned for its innovative and high-quality doors. After a thorough assessment, CopperJax recommended replacing the outdated steel door with one of their new models. The chosen door was crafted from reinforced steel materials designed to withstand forced entry attempts while offering a sleek and modern look that complemented the store’s interior and exterior design.


Safe install

The installation of the new door was a seamless process, expertly handled by the CopperJax team. They removed the old steel door with minimal disruption to store operations and promptly installed the new door. The installation included advanced locking mechanisms and security features that significantly increased the store’s protection against potential break-ins.


Steel Doors

The reinforced steel and sophisticated locking systems offered unparalleled protection, giving the HomeSense team peace of mind.

The modern design of the new door enhanced the store’s overall appearance, making a positive impression on customers and passersby.

The new door was easier to operate, reducing the hassle for staff members and ensuring a smooth flow of operations.

Unlike the old door, the new CopperJax steel door was resistant to rust and wear, promising longevity and reduced maintenance costs.


Feedback from both customers and staff was overwhelmingly positive. Customers appreciated the enhanced security, feeling safer while shopping at HomeSense. Staff members were pleased with the door’s ease of use and the added security features, which made them feel more secure during their shifts.

The collaboration between HomeSense and CopperJax exemplifies how modern security solutions can provide comprehensive benefits beyond just protection. By upgrading to a CopperJax door, HomeSense not only safeguarded its assets but also improved its operational efficiency and aesthetic appeal. This successful project highlights the importance of continually assessing and upgrading security measures to meet evolving threats and ensure the safety of both employees and customers.

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