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How To Keep your warehouse Insulated in Summer

As summer temperatures soar, maintaining an optimal climate inside warehouses becomes crucial for industrial businesses. Efficient insulation not only ensures the integrity of stored goods but also reduces cooling costs. Roller shutter doors play a pivotal role in achieving this.

Did you know...

A properly insulated warehouse can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%

Why Insulate?

Properly insulating your warehouse not only protects perishable goods and sensitive materials from heat damage but also significantly reduces energy costs associated with cooling. In fact, studies have shown that adequate insulation can cut energy expenditure by up to 50%, making it a key factor in operational efficiency and sustainability for businesses. Among the various options available, roller shutter doors play a vital role in maintaining optimal temperatures. This blog explores the different types of roller shutter doors, including high-speed, PVC, and traditional galvanised steel options, and their specific benefits in enhancing warehouse insulation, especially during the Summer.


Standard roller shutters

Traditional steel shutter doors remain a popular choice for their durability and effectiveness in insulation.

However, businesses seeking to optimise their insulation should consider the differences between double-insulated steel laths and solid steel laths.

Double-insulated steel laths consist of two layers of steel with an insulating material in between, significantly enhancing their ability to prevent heat transfer. This makes them particularly effective in maintaining cooler internal temperatures during the intense heat of summer.

On the other hand, solid steel laths, while sturdy and secure, do not offer the same level of insulation but can still contribute to overall temperature regulation by providing a substantial barrier against heat penetration. 

PVC Curtains

Complementing roller shutters, PVC strip curtains offer an additional layer of insulation. These are particularly useful in busy warehouses where doors frequently open and close. The curtains allow easy passage of equipment and personnel while keeping the cooled air in and the hot air out, enhancing overall energy efficiency.

High speed roller shutters

Among the various options, high-speed roller shutter doors stand out for their ability to quickly seal off large spaces, crucial during the intense summer heat. These doors operate swiftly, minimizing the time the warehouse remains open and thus significantly reducing air exchange. This quick action helps maintain a consistent internal temperature, leading to lower energy expenses and a more stable environment for temperature-sensitive products.

Selecting the right roller shutter door can significantly impact your warehouse’s summer insulation effectiveness. Whether it’s the rapid operation of high-speed doors, the supplementary insulation of PVC curtains, or the sturdy nature of galvanised steel, each option offers unique benefits.

Explore our range of customised insulation solutions tailored to meet your industrial needs. Consult with our experts to ensure your warehouse is prepared for the summer heat.

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