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Our Waste Disposal Guarantee

The facts...

Official statistics show that the number of fly tipping incidents increased 16% to 1.13 million incidents in 2020/2021 and that the cost of clearing up ‘tipper lorry load’ size fly tipping incidents rose from £10.9million in 2019/2020 to £11.6million in 2020/2021 – this is excluding even larger incidents which are dealt with directly by the Environment Agency.

Trust us with your waste disposal

Copper Jax are fully registered under regulation 28 of the “waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011” which is authorised by the Environment Agency. 

This allows us to legally permit the removal, transfer and recycle / disposal of waste.

We are registered under carrier, broker and dealer in the upper tier, our registration number is CBDU337474.

Eliminating fly tipping and reducing the risk of metal theft

With the rising reports of fly tipping we understand that it is important for you now more than ever as a business to understand where your waste is going to ensure you are complainant with your environmental policy. When we remove or replace any door, gate, or barrier etc you can trust us to ensure that all waste is responsibly recycled or disposed of.

Storing old doors can increase the risk of metal theft and break-ins and so it is important to us that no waste is left on site after an installation or repair protecting your business and staff.

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