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What are Fire/Smoke CurtainS? And why you need them!

Fire curtains and smoke curtains have a variety of difference but it is essential that the correct curtains are used for specific purposes. Whilst fire curtains are designed to limit the spread of fire and smoke between different zones, smoke curtains restrict the flow of smoke leaving fire escapes safe. Fire curtains are fitted from floor to ceiling where as smoke curtains go from head height to the ceiling so as not to impose on emergency pathways.

The best option however to give the best smoke and fire resistance in one product are fire and smoke curtains, these are fire curtains with the added feature of smoke seals. It is essential that each of these 3 products are fitted appropriately meeting all parts of the buildings fire safety strategy.

In addition to curtains, we also offer fire shutters and doors, constructed from steel and placed according to the fire risk assessment theses doors will limit the spread of both fire and smoke inside a property. Unlike with curtains, fire shutters and doors restrict access around the building and so are not suitable in some instances.

There are two types of fire shutters, external and internal. External shutters are more cost effective and are easy to maintain, made from steel they can be used for a wide variety of premises. In order to keep these working efficiently they may need to be cleaned and adjusted from time to time, depending on the location of your building, i.e a busy road, the doors will need to be maintained more frequently.

Internal fire shutters generally have a higher fire rating and so are ideal for areas such as kitchens, especially within busy places such as schools. 

Things to consider with fire and smoke curtain

  • Fire resistance level
  • Product compliance
  • Fire system integration
  • Mounting capabilities of fire curtains
  • Additional physical security

If you have any further questions and would like to speak with one of our friendly team about your fire safety requirements, please contact us.

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