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Why every school should have fire shutters

Is your school compliant with the latest fire regulations?

In today’s world, ensuring the safety and security of students and staff within educational institutions is our top priority. One critical aspect of this safety is the implementation of comprehensive fire protection measures. Among these, fire shutters are one of the most essential features that every school should have installed, or at least, plan to install.

School fires have destroyed the equivalent of 1,100 UK classrooms in the last five years, new figures reveal.

For headteachers, the decision to install fire shutters should be seen not just as a regulatory compliance measure but as a crucial step towards creating a safer, more secure learning environment.


One of the most harrowing facts is the rapid spread of fire in educational buildings. Without proper containment, a fire can double in size every minute, quickly engulfing classrooms and hallways. This swift progression can make safe evacuation extremely challenging, particularly in large schools with complex layouts. Fire shutters are designed to provide a robust barrier against this spread, compartmentalizing different sections of a building and containing the fire to its point of origin. This containment is crucial, as it can reduce fire spread by up to 60%, significantly improving the chances of safe evacuation.

Why every school should have fire shutters.

Secondary schools host around 1000 students on average.

That’s 1000 students that can’t all be overseen at every moment, leaving a huge window for accidental fire hazards. From spillages in science labs to IT room neglect (electrical fires causing 2000 school fires from 2017-2020), unnoticed risks are all around.

School inspections have identified that 66% have had ratings of “poor” fixed fire protection systems, with only 14% rated “good” or “excellent”. So make sure your fire risk assessment is up to date by implementing fire shutters into your exit procedures.

Pupil’s safety should never be compromised, particularly in a place considered as safe as school.

How do fire shutters work?

Unlike normal doors and shutters, fire shutters are designed to contain a fire for 1-4 hours depending on varying integrities and are comlient with the latest regulations BS EN 16034:2014 & CE-marked to BS EN 13241-1:2003. Fire shutters can be triggered instantly by a fire alarm or when a fire is detected in the school.

Fire shutters work to contain fire and prevent it spreading across buildings, helping student and teacher evacuate quicker, saving lives, and preventing damage to property.


Don’t wait—invest in fire shutters this summer for a safer, more secure school environment.

By acting now, you can ensure thorough testing and optimal functionality before students return.

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